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In this ever more competitive world, agility and innovation are the watchwords of success. Adapting and evolving to meet new challenges, businesses of all types and sizes are embracing new marketing ideas and technologies to support business growth.

Our mission: to share our combined “Know-How”, experience and innovations, in an environment that will help spark new ideas and find new products.


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Power Up your short-form content
Anna Gaughey
The Social Co
Join our masterclass on maximising your social media short form content! Learn expert strategies to engage your audience, boost visibility and craft compelling short-form posts that leave a lasting impact. Elevate your social media game with our exclusive tips and techniques!
Why you’re not ranking position 1 on Google
Manpreet Singh
Bobble Digital
Learn what SEO really means, understand our 3 pillars and best practices for success to reach the top of google with real case studies.
3X Your Growth: Your Brand is your Superpower
Chris Thornhill and Jen Bayford
Growth Animals
Did you know that organisations with strong brands achieve triple the sales volume? In this interactive session, we will help you unleash your superpower: your brand, enabling you to unearth your powerful brand story to inspire your customers and THE banner for your organisation to march behind.
Quality traffic is getting harder to acquire: Here’s Why
Greg Landon
Do you feel like it's becoming harder to get quality traffic to your website? Well you're not alone, and it is in many cases. In his talk, Greg will unpack 5 factors that are making quality website sessions more scarce and expensive for us as marketers. He'll grapple with what our response should be, and what we can do to keep hitting marketing objectives in the face of these traffic challenges.
Beyond Email: How Gearing for Email Deliverability Transforms Marketing Performance
Adam Oldfield
The average inbox now receives over 120 emails per day. But with all this noise, how do we get noticed? Are we as marketers adapting our approaches to fit modern audiences? Are we up to date with the latest policies from Google and Yahoo? In this seminar, we will be covering the behaviours and habits of modern consumers and their inboxes, as well as the policies and powers that govern them.
How to grow your business with targeted TV Marketing
Selena Higgins McCarron
AdSmart from Sky
TV advertising continues to be the most effective and trusted advertising platform there is. Thought TV advertising was out of your reach? Think again. AdSmart from Sky has turned that thinking on its head – making the unrivalled power of TV advertising affordable for almost any business.
Transforming Your Social Media Comments into Sales
James Urquhart
Let's Run Social
Fed up of comments taking up valuable time and resource within your Marketing team? Learn how to transform comments into opportunities, 1 comment at a time!
The changing digital landscape - how to get more from online
Ben Foster
The SEO Works
Explore the latest trends and changes in digital. Understand the key changes that are happening and what this means for digital marketing efforts, and your business. Walk away with some practical, actionable insights to get more customers online.
7 things successful marketeers do to smash their competition
Tim Butler
Innovation Visual
Rather than chasing the next shiny thing, operating at a strategic level with these principles guides serious marketeers to competition beating success.
Website Mastery: The Secret to Exceeding 98% of Competitors
Sean Giles
Your user's experience is essential for online success. Join us to learn the secrets to propel your website to the top tier and takeaway actionable techniques to elevate your site's performance into the top 2%.
Create emotional connections and increase engagement with games
Cari Kirby
Peek & Poke
In this session, we'll consider why it’s so important to connect emotionally with your customers, clients, and prospects to drive loyalty and retention, and why an increasing number of brands are turning their attention to game campaigns to deliver results. If you'd like to do something different, get the edge on your competitors, and create meaningful and valuable connections, don’t miss it.
How to Scale Your Marketing Without Costing the Earth
Tom Maskill
Learn some of the techniques we have implemented to ensure our marketing efforts are continually maximised whilst also guaranteeing we measure the carbon impact of our marketing campaigns.

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And our exhibitors

A mix of international brands and inspirational new solutions

Marketing Automation - Beyond Email
Bobble Digital
| SEO |
An agile digital marketing agency
Leadoo Marketing Technologies
Helping you convert web visitors to customers
The Social Co.
Results-driven social media agency disrupting your newsfeed
Stand out to the people who really matter
Allwag Promotions
Ethically sourced promotional products and corporate clothing.
Agile, effective and proven technology experts
Canny Creative
Branding, websites, and content, that get results
Chill Out! Event Management
A global full-service live events agency
Supercharging leads and sales through live events
Profit from continuous improvement in your marketing
A leader in marketing automation technology.
etc Branding
Branded Merchandise Consultancy
Fluid Ads
The ultimate solution for digital advertising
Empower Impact Change
Radio, Outdoor and Digital Audio solutions for local businesses
Graded Films
Video production to make you stand out!
Growth Animals Marketing
Growth Animals: Growing Brands, Growing Businesses
Innovation Visual
Helping savvy marketeers beat their competition online
Let's Run Social
Harness the power of Facebook and Instagram advertising
Lexon Group
Print, POS and Packaging
Lulu Animation
Helping you build stronger real-world connections, that get results
Manic Merchandise
Eco Promotional Items with a twist!
The 3D product marketing and sales platform for B2B companies.
Power up your exhibiting performance with Nimlok!
Video, Animation and Events
Scale engagement, drive revenue growth
Peek & Poke
Branded games to engage your customers.
Phoenix Digital Ltd
Web and Digital Experts
Carbon Balanced Printer for Print & Mail
Rebellion Marketing
No bull, straight forward, full-service Marketing Agency
Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platform
The SEO Works
We're digital growth experts - offering SEO, PPC & Web
AdSmart from Sky
Boosting Businesses with Targeted TV Advertising
Spark Media
Corporate Video Production Agency
Looking to take your marketing to the next level?
The TV Agency
Creating, planning and executing TV advertising campaigns that get results
The Marketing Optimist
Make your marketing click
Think OTB Agency
Creative marketing that gets outstanding results
Specialists in interactive software & large-scale touchscreen hire projects
Trio Media
Website Design, SEO, PPC and Social Media
Shaping The Future In Graphic Design
Upland Adestra
Lifecycle marketing automation designed for savvy marketers
User Fixated. Client Obsessed.
The Sustainable Marketing Agency
Direct mail automation platform


“I wanted to thank the team at marketingSHOWCASE for such a great event! The atmosphere was so positive and relaxed and I had some great conversations with the exhibitors. Lots of takeaways from the talks too. Can’t wait for the next one”

Christine Mooney

Marketing Manager, J+D Forecasting

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