7 “Must Haves” for a high-converting website

Sean Giles, Director of Growth at WebBox presents his Keynote at marketingSHOWCASE at Aintree racecourse on 4th July


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Why your social media sucks
Natalie Metcalf
Trio Media
Unveil the gritty truth behind brands' social media blunders. Kick mediocre content to the curb and level up with strategies that pack a punch. No BS – just data-driven insights to dominate the social media game and make your mark.
Power Up your short-form content
Anna Gaughey
The Social Co
Join our masterclass on maximising your social media short form content! Learn expert strategies to engage your audience, boost visibility and craft compelling short-form posts that leave a lasting impact. Elevate your social media game with our exclusive tips and techniques!
Create emotional connections and increase engagement with games
Cari Kirby
Peek & Poke
In this session, we'll consider why it’s so important to connect emotionally with your customers, clients, and prospects to drive loyalty and retention, and why an increasing number of brands are turning their attention to game campaigns to deliver results. If you'd like to do something different, get the edge on your competitors, and create meaningful and valuable connections, don’t miss it.
4 trends shaping the future of marketing
Frank Brooks
The ever-evolving world of marketing automation continues to present new challenges and opportunities for marketers. This fast-paced, insightful talk will highlight 4 key areas marketers can utilise when it comes to the latest technology available.
Supercharge your SEO with AI Tools.
Manpreet Singh
Bobble Digital
Learn how you can be using AI Tools right now to support your SEO Strategy and Implementation, looking at the different tools available, the good and the bad while providing a roadmap for the future.
How to Scale Your Marketing Without Costing the Earth
Tom Maskill
Learn some of the techniques we have implemented to ensure our marketing efforts are continually maximised whilst also guaranteeing we measure the carbon impact of our marketing campaigns.
How to make your website your best performing sales channel
Brett James
Gone are the days when your website was merely a destination for content and contact forms. Your ideal customers are now digital native buyers, demanding a more personalised online experience. In 2023, your website must become one of your top-performing sales channels.
Beyond Email: How Gearing for Email Deliverability Transforms Marketing Performance
Adam Oldfield
The average inbox now receives over 120 emails per day. But with all this noise, how do we get noticed? Are we as marketers adapting our approaches to fit modern audiences? Are we up to date with the latest policies from Google and Yahoo? In this seminar, we will be covering the behaviours and habits of modern consumers and their inboxes, as well as the policies and powers that govern them.
How to grow your business with targeted TV Marketing
Selena Higgins McCarron
AdSmart from Sky
TV advertising continues to be the most effective and trusted advertising platform there is. Thought TV advertising was out of your reach? Think again. AdSmart from Sky has turned that thinking on its head – making the unrivalled power of TV advertising affordable for almost any business.
What Does Marketing Automation Mean in 2024?
Andy Martin
Empower your marketing strategies in 2024 with bleeding-edge automation techniques tailored for SME Marketing teams… Looking past the tools, to the strategy behind them.
Transforming Your Social Media Comments into Sales
James Urquhart
Let's Run Social
Fed up of comments taking up valuable time and resource within your Marketing team? Learn how to transform comments into opportunities, 1 comment at a time!
Business Automation: the three essential workflows
John Kelleher
Discover the three most important automations to transform your businesses in 2024. Get actionable insights, flowcharts, and practical advice to kick-start your automation strategy. Learn from live demos and real-life success stories.

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marketingSHOWCASE Liverpool

On the 4th July, we bring some of the most well respected marketing leaders to Aintree Racecourse to discuss the latest marketing trends. Through a series of keynote seminars and a first-class exhibition, you’re sure to leave feeling inspired and ready to take your campaigns to the next level.