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TikTok Ads Unleashed: Mastering Paid Social's Latest Frontier
Zoe Hatton
The Social Co
Unlock TikTok's advertising potential and monetise your brand! Learn expert strategies for paid advertising and harness the power of TikTok Shop to drive sales. Gain insights, optimise campaigns, and dominate TikTok's vibrant marketplace.
Why you’re not ranking position 1 on Google
Manpreet Singh
Bobble Digital
Learn what SEO really means, understand our 3 pillars and best practices for success to reach the top of google with real case studies.
How to grow your business with targeted TV Marketing
Selena Higgins McCarron
AdSmart from Sky
TV advertising continues to be the most effective and trusted advertising platform there is. Thought TV advertising was out of your reach? Think again. AdSmart from Sky has turned that thinking on its head – making the unrivalled power of TV advertising affordable for almost any business.
How to Scale Your Marketing Without Costing the Earth
Tom Maskill
Learn some of the techniques we have implemented to ensure our marketing efforts are continually maximised whilst also guaranteeing we measure the carbon impact of our marketing campaigns.
Marketing to your customers through the funnel
Mark Skinner
Logica Digital
In this session, we’ll show you what a marketing funnel is, why it’s important to make sure your marketing activities cover the full customer journey and the activities you should be investing in at every step of the customer journey.
How to Continuously Improve Your Digital Marketing
Guy Weston
It’s hard to keep up with the changing world of digital marketing, but often the biggest impact comes from revisiting and getting the basics right. Learn where the quick wins are that will transform your marketing efforts, and optimise your budget.