Sustainable Promotional Merchandise Trend Predictions For 2024

Written by Allwag – regular exhibitor at marketingSHOWCASE events

In 2024, sustainability continues to be on a larger scale than ever before. With pressures from governments worldwide, organisations like the United Nations, and the environment itself, sustainability should be a crucial consideration for your brand for 2024 and beyond.

Like any new year, 2024 is set to bring us new trends and that doesn’t just stop at fashion – sustainability trends are also on the rise. Here are our top three sustainability predictions for the new year.

  1. Reduce And Reuse
    In 2021, the recycling rate for the UK indicated that the remaining waste (44.6%) ended up in landfills. Since not every material can be recycled, the reduce and reuse ethos is very important in reducing landfill waste. Like the Zero Waste concept (read below), this mindset focuses on the purchase of higher-quality items that can be reused repeatedly, thereby reducing the demand for overconsumption of cheaper, lower-quality alternatives. High-quality materials eliminate the need to over-consume and send items to landfill.
  2. Zero Waste
    Aligned with the principles of reducing and reusing, zero waste corresponds to the ethos of minimising landfill waste. Embracing a zero-waste lifestyle involves avoiding products that generate waste and opting for refillable alternatives. As the Zero Waste movement gains momentum, refill stores are becoming more accessible in most towns and cities, with major retailers like Asda incorporating refill stations into their stores. Branded product selection includes refillable items such as lunchboxes, bottles, and produce bags, effectively reducing the impact of single-use packaging on landfill waste. These branded merchandise items are perfect for using at refill station and for storing loose, package free produce.
  3. Traceability
    Understanding the origins of your branded merchandise is essential for carbon tracking. You need to be considering who made them, their country of origin and the distance they’ve travelled. These tracking elements enable you to monitor the carbon footprint they’ve generated and the impact they’ve had on our planet.

The awareness of sustainability is more prominent than ever, urging individuals and businesses alike to adopt eco-conscious practices. The trends of reduce and reuse, zero waste and traceability highlight the importance of making smart choices and being mindful of our impact on the environment.

Let’s all work together in 2024 to make choices that help our planet thrive. Here’s to a greener future for us all!

Written by Allwag – regular exhibitor at marketingSHOWCASE events

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