Top marketing trends in 2024

Written by marketingSHOWCASE

According to our research the below are the most popular marketing trends and predictions for 2024 πŸ“ˆ

Key Findings:

1) AI-driven data models, algorithms and machine learning can help marketers understand their target audience better
In 2024 marketers will continue to adopt new tech that helps teams drive revenue and bring strategies to market faster. Marketers will rely heavily on AI algorithms to meticulously analyse customer data, enabling them to deliver highly personalised, real-time content.

2) The dominance of video content will continue in 2024, shaping marketing strategies
Short-form videos, live streaming and interactive videos gained more popularity on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube. Consumers can expect a greater influx of dynamic and visually appealing content, enhancing their online experiences.

3) Social commerce is booming!
Many social media platforms have integrated shopping features directly into their interfaces in the last few years. Social commerce is expanding at a pace faster than traditional eCommerce. Most platforms are introducing live shopping features, blending entertainment with e-commerce. TikTok has ventured into live stream shopping, allowing creators to showcase products during their live streams, with viewers having the option to purchase in real-time.

4) Sustainability as a consumer trend
Large brands and agencies around the world have committed to net zero goals. The need to tackle climate change and environmental degradation is more pressing than ever. There has been a heightened awareness of the use of ‘green washing’ by companies. Consumers will demand more transparency and traceability in 2024.

5) Data privacy is crucial
Compliance with regulations and the responsible handling of customer information in 2024 are non-negotiable. Data privacy changes can make consumers feel safer sharing their personal information, so they’ll be more willing to trust marketers with it. Prioritising transparency will help build stronger, long-lasting relationships with audiences and is now being included in marketing budgets.

Written by marketingSHOWCASE

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