How To Create Simple Online Buying Journeys… Even if Your Offering Is Complex

Written by Leadoo – regular exhibitor at marketingSHOWCASE

Among specialist or technical B2B companies, you often hear a common sentiment when it comes to websites. Our products or services are so complex that it’s impossible to explain them simply online…

It is true that many products or services are complex. It is difficult to distill Aerospace components, or Actuarial software, or AI-driven anything down into simple straplines or bullet points. 

But it’s important not to conflate complex information with a complex buying journey.

Believe it or not, your website can very simply and succinctly guide users to conversion points – no matter what you sell. And still provide buyers with all the information they need to know about specifications, invoicing, case studies, manuals, procurement details or anything else complex.

If they can create simple online journeys selling those, so can anyone!

And it’s essential that even niche B2B providers do. Research shows that more than 4 out of 5 B2B buyers want to make buying decisions online. Even for things as complex as solar panels or statistical analysis. Simplifying digital buying journeys has become essential, whatever you sell.

Make It Instant & Interactive ☝️

As established, B2B buyers want to research and go through their buying decisions online. So it’s only natural that they would expect websites to be interactive, able to answer their questions, and make enquiries easy. 

If you’re sending visitors to a website which does the following things – you aren’t meeting their demands:

  • Buries products and services in a series of category pages that have be uncovered through menus
  • Doesn’t clearly and easily signpost to relevant videos, case studies or use cases
  • Directs enquiries to generic contact pages where users have to have fill in multiple form fields or find numbers to call
Gif File Online Buying Journeys How To Create Simple Online Buying Journeys… Even if Your Offering Is Complex

These are all too common in many specialist websites. But the reason they don’t work and result in low conversion rates is because they place the burden on the potential buyer

Buyers often have to parse through multiple sections or pathways of a website to find a product relevant to them. Or content that shows it off in action. Or to ask a simple question to a sales rep – that they have no idea when it will get answered

And with 80%+ of buying decisions happening online, you better believe they’ll be looking at competitor websites too. If they get an instant and interactive experience that allows them to find these things more efficiently on another site – you’re forever playing catchup.

Relevant and Personal Signposting 🪧

Buyers want to research and find out info for themselves. But they also want to find that easily.

Signposting and personalised prompts based on their behaviour are essential to this. 

If you can implement an efficient pathway, either through web design or conversational tech like chatbots, you’ll have a lot more people reaching relevant product and services pages

But, remember we’re trying to make the buying journeys as simple and interactive as possible! Some users might not even want to have to scroll through these pages. 

Tying It All Together 🪢

When it comes to online buying journeys, interactivity and ease win.

All you need is the right website structure and/or tech to support these journeys.

Written by Leadoo – regular exhibitor at marketingSHOWCASE

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