Why live-video marketing is an absolute must for your company

Written by Bobble Digital – regular exhibitor at marketingSHOWCASE events

In today’s digital age of perpetual innovation, live video marketing has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to connect with their target audiences.

But what is live-video marketing?

Well, it’s exactly what it says on the tin, live-video marketing is the use of video content, that is created and viewed in real-time to promote a company’s product or service.


Highly in demand and extremely versatile, live-video marketing can be used in ways that tailors to your own brand, with platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube offering unique features that will better target your specific persona/audience.

Builds trust

Live video marketing provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their transparency and authenticity.

The ability of live-video marketing to strip away the conceptual boundary between a company and its users/customers means businesses can build trust and credibility, which is essential for creating long-term relationships with your client base.

Creates a sense of urgency

Due to the fact that it’s happening in real time, a sense of urgency is created for your audience.

Viewers are more likely to watch live videos because they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to see something that is happening right this second.

This sense of exclusivity can be used to promote limited-time offers or events, which subsequently drive more traffic and sales.

Increases engagement

Live video marketing offers a more interactive experience for viewers compared to more traditional methods of marketing.

In fact, in a report conducted by HubSpot, they found that 82% of audiences prefer to watch live streams over pre-recorded videos and standard social media posts.

Viewers can ask questions, provide feedback, and interact with the host, which can increase engagement and build a sense of community around the brand.


Live video marketing is also a cost-effective method of reaching your target audience.

These reduced costs means larger revenues, plus, the resources you would have spent on producing and editing videos can be reallocated to other areas that further promote your products.

It’s also incredibly accessible.

All that is required is a smartphone or a webcam, an internet connection, and a platform to host the video, making it an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes.

Tips for successful live-video marketing

1) Choose the Right Platform

When it comes to live video marketing, choosing the right platform is crucial. So make sure you take the time to choose the platform that caters more to your target audience/market.

2) Plan Ahead

While live video marketing may seem spontaneous, planning ahead is crucial for success. You should have a clear goal for the live video and prepare a script or rough outline for the content you’ll cover.

3) Promote Your Live Video

Promoting your live video is essential for getting the maximum reach and engagement.

You should promote your live stream on every social media channel, set-up email marketing campaigns, and on your website.

4) Interact with Your Audience

Interacting with your audience is essential for a successful live stream.

So, you should encourage viewers to ask questions and provide feedback during the live video as much as you can.

Not only will this make your brand more personable, it will drive user engagement and therefore traffic.

Written by Bobble Digital – regular exhibitor at marketingSHOWCASE events

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