What is the new Threads app from Meta?

Written by guest contributor Richard Michie, CEO, The Marketing Optimist

In very basic terms, Threads is a Twitter copy only so far it’s better. Meta have built Threads for short form text-based content, with the option to add images, links, and tag other accounts.

It’s clean, simple, and currently add-free (due to the app’s infancy).

Threads and Twitter have a few specific differences so far:

  • The character limit is a much roomier 500 characters, compared to Twitter’s 240 limit.
  • There are no Hash Tags working at the moment
  • The search is limited to other accounts and not content
  • Threads is connected to your Instagram account, so you’ll need Instagram to have a Threads account
  • So far the service isn’t taking ads, which surely won’t last
  • You can’t schedule posts to Threads just yet but it will just be a matter of time until it is added to the Meta Business Manager, giving lots of options which are already available to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

The one thing that gives Threads an edge so far, is that it’s connected to your Instagram account. This makes it easy to sign up, as it pulls through your bio, and allows you to connect to everyone you are already connected to on there.

Should you join Threads?

The simple answer is yes. There’s already lots of traffic on there, and if you don’t join, you’re missing out on that. Unlike Twitter, which is in a mess at the moment, the feed is nice and clean and easy to use.

New apps tend to reward new users with reach and exposure, so there’s a benefit from having an account as soon as possible. Threads also has a new algorithm, which means the more you can show it what you know and understand, the better it will begin to show your content.

Thanks to Richard from The Marketing Optimist for this post

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