The TikTok Masterclass

Claire Daniels presents her TikTok Masterclass at marketingSHOWCASE 2022

In the later part of 2022 we were privileged to be joined by CEO of Trio Media, Claire Daniels as she led her masterclass on the fastest growing social media platform on the planet – TikTok. Love it or hate it, you simply can’t afford to ignore it as TikTok becomes an invaluable asset in the marketers toolbox.

The Time is Now

Claire encourages brands to take note and get on-board with the platform now whilst it is in its relative stage of infancy. “Everyone [in hindsight] wishes they could capitalise on the early days of instagram and facebook” she comments, “now is the time to do that on TikTok”. In Autumn 2022 at time of recording, it had 1 billion monthly active users, 13 million of whom are in the UK, and was the most downloaded app of 2021, this presents huge potential to engage with new customers for your business. Claire explains whilst 60% of users are aged 16-24 and admits that can often scare off businesses who target an older demographic off, much like the growth of facebook, she predicts older users will follow but now is the time to secure your space on the platform.

How to Create a TikTok

At this point in her talk, Claire encourages audience members to download the app if they haven’t already, as she spends the next 5 minutes or so guiding viewers through how to get set up, record content, edit, add audio, text and pretty much everything else you need to get going. If you haven’t watched it, skip to around 9 minutes 20 seconds on the attached youtube video to do so – it’s really useful.

Managing Ads on TikTok

Before Trio’s CEO talks creating ad campaigns she mentions, “you don’t actually need a TikTok account to run ads” and whilst she encourages you are active and posting whilst running ads, you can get up and running straight away with ads on TikTok which isn’t the case on many other platforms.

TikTok Business Centre – Used for general account settings

TikTok Ads manager – Where you build and run your campaigns

TikTok Creative Centre – Find trends, inspiration, track other accounts and competitors. Claire encourages everyone to start here and look at some of the data it presents before running your ads.

Content Ideas

Trending Videos – Voiceovers, reactions, dances…

Trending Sounds – Use over original content

Tips & Advice – Produce your own content to position yourself as a thought-leader

ASMR – Audibly pleasing content or oddly satisfying video such as un-boxings / assembly of product

Use influencers – Utilise others with a large following relevant to your target audience

Other successful accounts – Take inspiration from others who produce good content such as Ryaniar

Claire closes her session with three takeaways for you; Get going, don’t fear failure and setbacks, be consistent. We want to again thank Claire for her time and support whilst presenting this seminar and we look forward to her joining us again this year.

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