Marketing Secrets From Rebels

Marketing isn’t a quick fix to gain more leads. There, we said it. Marketing is great at many things, but getting 100s+ leads because of one social post or blog isn’t exactly how this thing we do works.

On the outside, marketing looks fast-paced and glamorous, those events are pretty amazing. But, in actuality, there is a lot more thought and time going into each and every marketing activity.

Like what? Please Rebels tell me what it is you do? We hear you cry.

Ok, we’re going to share a few trade secrets with you about what it is we do. But you have to promise us that when you tell people about it, you heard it from the Rebellion. Ok? It’s a deal.

SEO – The dark magic behind Google explained

SEO baffles the majority of people, in part because we over-explain what SEO actually means. Essentially, we talk about SEO and what it can do for your business, we are discussing ways to make your website the best version of itself. Not only for your audience but also on a search engine level. All bow down to Google.

When we look at SEO, we look at the website and how Google (or search engines in general) will crawl (a fancy way of saying move) through that website. When we move through a website we are looking at the headings and topics, keywords and more; and making sure it includes what you want to rank for, and what those bots want to see.

Copywriting genius – Blogs and more

Copywriting goes hand in hand with your SEO. Why? Because if you can’t write, your clients won’t want to read what you have to say. If your copywriter can’t SEO, then Google doesn’t want to know. If they can’t do both, well you can answer that question yourself.

Creating copy that works with your brand and aligns the SEO requirements with the chemistry that is the written word makes a killer combination. Not only will your clients love what you put out there, but Google will too.

Copywriting does more than just write you blogs. Essentially, anything with the written word has had a copywriter working on it. So make sure they are good ones.

Social media – More than just a meme

Ah, social media, the one thing everyone wants to excel at but many underestimate the gravity of the task before them. Social media is a skill that takes time to hone. Using the right hashtags, and posting when YOUR followers are online and active.

Social media is about being authentic, as a business, you should consider the 80/20 rule. What this means is that you need to only “sell” your services 20% of the time. The other 80% should be content that entertains or educates your audience.

But what about going viral you ask? We can’t really control that, social media is an enigma and predicting what will go viral when is near impossible. Have you seen that TikTok of the girl who hit her hip? Yeah, who could have predicted that would be as popular as it was?

A few things you can do to help your numbers is to assess what is working on your platform. Look at when you get the most engagement, look at what posts people like the most. Using trending sounds when they are trending can also help. Assessing your content and tailoring it to what is making your audience engage will increase those numbers.

Consistency is key to helping you gain a following on social media. Using scheduling tools can help you manage your content and create those posts to send out consistently. Social rebel is the perfect blend of scheduling and content generation if we do say so ourselves.

Emails – those annoying things 98% of people delete?

The dreaded email lists. We all have a love/hate relationship with emails, the majority of people now prefer to speak via text or email. While most people may swipe to delete those newsletters, that email is a small reminder that you are present and doing business. That email can be the trigger to remind them that you have what they want or need.

The majority of people need around seven touch points before they recognise or acknowledge a brand. That’s quite a lot when you think about it. Now we aren’t saying send seven emails, there are things like GDPR that come into play. What we are saying is that sometimes, even sending an email will be worthwhile. Even if they delete it. Because maybe next time you send an email
they won’t? Maybe next time you send an email, they need what you are offering and you pop up at just the right time.

Each aspect of marketing has its own value. But as with most things, it’s also about time. Ensuring your brand is at the forefront of your ideal client’s mind is one of the most valuable aspects of marketing. Making sure you remain in their mind, well that’s playing the long game.

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