5 Easy Steps to Raise Brand Awareness

Raising brand awareness isn’t exactly a perfect science. It takes time, dedication and a whole strategy to get it right but it’s so rewarding when you see your business being elevated to the next level. No two businesses are the same so your strategy is like your thumbprint. It will be completely unique to your business and your target audience but we’ve got our favourite 5 easy steps to raise brand awareness all in one place. It takes an average of 8 interactions before a consumer will do business with you, but with these little steps, you’ll be well on your way! You’re welcome!

5. Work with influencers!

When we say influencers, we bet you think we mean TikTok sensations with millions of followers. And, whilst it would be amazing to get that sort of coverage, we’re actually thinking a little closer to home. Take a look at the key players in your target market and try to collaborate with them. If your brand is in the construction industry then pick out key publications or websites where you could place a guest blog or article. Or if your business is product-based then send some samples to people in that industry with a voice and platform.

4. Do a brand touch-point audit

We love helping our clients figure out where they can take advantage of branding. It might be tempting to stick a logo on anything that moves (or doesn’t for that matter!) but it’s important to make sure that you’re thinking of your branding and usage of your logo strategically. For example, if you ship products then think about investing in branded packaging. Not only does it look great for your consumers when they receive their product, but it puts your brand in front of people throughout the delivery process.

3. Social media is your best friend

Authentically growing your social media following is going to vastly help elevate your brand to new heights. It’s no use buying followers, volume doesn’t matter, you want followers who are engaged and actively interested in interacting with your brand. You need to be in front of the right people. Figure out where your ideal clients “hang out” and base your social media strategy around that. For example, if you’re looking for business owners, chances are you’ll find them on LinkedIn. And use hashtags! Hashtags should include keywords that your target audience will be searching for, and if you have established competitors in your market, get some inspiration from what they’re posting!

2. Know your keywords and sprinkle them around like fairy dust!

Understanding how people are finding your website is key to unlocking a greater brand awareness. In-depth research via your Google Search Console and Google Analytics will tell you what terms people are searching for when they click through to your website. You might find that people are using terms that you haven’t thought of and so you can use this to your advantage when writing new content for your website, including blogs! Pepper those keywords throughout the blog and Google will begin to recognise you as an authority on your subject matter and push you up through the rankings!

1. Promotional Items are gold!

If you know us, then you’ll know that promotional products are what we’re all about! We love nothing more than working with our clients and finding innovative ways to, guess what… Increase their brand awareness! Yep, promotional items are one of the top ways that you can get your brand in front of your perfect customers. Whether that’s giveaways at events, gifts to potential clients or thank yous to staff, promotional merchandise can give great exposure for your brand if the item has a high level of usability. Really think about your target audience and think about what items would transfer into their daily lives.


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