Edible Promotional Merchandise: The Benefits

We’ve all felt the buzz around the office, “cakes, there are cakes in the staff room!”. The arrival of edible treats can brighten up even the gloomiest of November afternoons. So why not harness that excitement and use it to your advantage and send some branded scrummy treats to your clients/prospects? We take a look at the benefits of edible promotional merchandise and give you some suggestions that will tantalise those tastebuds!

Edible promotional merchandise has really been revolutionised over the last couple of years, from printed toppers on cupcakes and biscuits, we now have the option to brand almost any form of treats. Hot chocolate stirrers, embossed chocolate coins and bespoke sticks of rock provide so many options for raising your brand awareness.

It became a lifeline for many businesses in our industry as workers all shifted to working from home and postal branded merchandise became increasingly sought after. Many businesses turned their promotional merchandise budget around to focus on thanking their own staff for the hard work they were putting in throughout the pandemic and keeping them engaged. And, we’re pleased to say that this trend is here to stay, especially as we approached Christmas! Retaining staff in a shrinking talent pool is a particularly hot topic at the moment, and so these little added extras go a small way to reminding your staff that they’re important to you.

Of course, edible promotional merchandise has a much shorter retention period than something like a mug or notebook, but it is far more emotive, more shareable across social media and of course, tastier! But they’re also the perfect addition to welcome packs or gift boxes for clients and staff, which contain the more traditional and enduring promotional merchandise items.
And, don’t panic, many of our suppliers can cater for a variety of different dietary requirements! Plus, with the introduction of Natasha’s Law in October 2021, our suppliers will be producing items that have all ingredients, including the highlighting of allergens, on the packaging.

So, now that you know why edible promotional merchandise is the perfect investment, how about some ideas:

Branded Biscuits:

The variety of branded biscuits on the market is huge! They come in all different shapes, sizes and flavours! And they all have one thing in common, a brilliant space to add an icing topper printed with your logo. Many of our suppliers can handle small quantities right up to tens of thousands of biscuits. Shortbread and chocolate chip cookies are always a popular option and they all come individually wrapped, with many eco-friendly packaging options available.


Everyone loves a stick of rock, it’s so reminiscent of childhood. And the best thing is, these sweeties can be branded through the centre with your logo and messaging. You can also get individually wrapped pieces that are perfect to have in large bowls at events or at reception (something that we saw a lot of in a pre-pandemic world!). They are also really nice filler items for larger gift boxes, scattered over other branded items!

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

These nifty little hot chocolate stirrers are the perfect edible promotional merchandise items for the long winter and chilly spring nights ahead! Simply swirl the chocolate block through hot milk to get an indulgent hot chocolate. The variety of flavours is amazing, salted caramel, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, added marshmallows! And, all of the different options come with large tags that can be branded with whatever you like!

So, edible promotional merchandise is definitely a yummy investment to help evoke an emotional feeling towards your brand. Let’s be honest, there’s not a lot that many of us enjoy more than chocolate! And if you need some ideas on how to get your customer’s hearts through their stomachs then drop Emma and Tina a line, we’re ready to help!


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