What’s next for tech in the promotional merchandise industry?

Technology has taken some huge leaps over the last twenty years. Looking at smartphones alone, we now have one incredibly compact device in our back pockets which has replaced our calculator, diary, phone, computer, music player, photo albums, camera, games console. The list of what these amazing pieces of tech can do is literally endless and they’re advancing year on year! What’s next for tech in the promotional merchandise industry?

As businesses look at focussing their marketing budgets on meaningful interactions with their own clients or prospects, quality over quantity is winning and higher value branded items are gaining traction in the marketplace. Technology products are a great option to fit this brief. These items have a high usability value and so offer opportunities for your brand to be remembered long after your interactions with prospective clients.

UV-C Cleaning
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were already seeing UV-C cleaning boxes hit the promotional products market, but, unsurprisingly due to the recent events, their popularity is increasing. They emit powerful beams of UV-C light to kill bacteria on high-touch items such as keys, wallets, smartphones etc., which helps to stop the spread of viruses. The closed boxes ensure a safe blast of ultraviolet light and many have the added benefit of wireless charging whilst the items are being sanitised. The boxes offer a great space for printing so that your brand stays front and centre, and help to keep staff and clients safe.

Eco-Friendly Tech
With the rise in awareness of single-use plastics, tech companies are working towards producing devices with a great level of sustainability in the production process and we’re so excited about this development. The oceans are very close to our hearts here at etc. Branding and so we like to champion eco-friendly products when consulting with our clients. With increasing regulation focussing on sustainability, manufacturers are looking for ways to create tech with eco-friendly materials, and we are seeing items being made from cork, bamboo, wood and also treated plastic, which can biodegrade much faster than standard plastic!

How many hours do you think you and your team have spent on video calls over the last two years, for both business and socialising? Technology has been an absolute lifeline for businesses and allowed workers to continue their jobs whilst in the safety of their own homes and keep us in touch with our loved ones. But, with the hustle and bustle of a home and noisy family members turned co-workers, many of us have reached for headphones to block out the world and help you focus on the task at hand, whether that’s getting through laborious admin tasks with the latest true-crime podcast as a backing track or focussing on a video call with multiple team members all trying to talk at once! Branded headphone sets are an item that has great usability, transfers into your prospective clients’ everyday lives and are a great way to keep your brand visible during video calls if you supply all of your staff with a pair.

Technology is a promotional merchandise trend that is here to stay and these are just three options on the rise out of a huge spectrum of items that will get you noticed and put you ahead of your competition. When planning your next promotional merchandise order, think strategically about exactly who you are targeting and what sort of items will be useful in their day to day life. We’re moving away from the one size fits all method of thinking and we can help you discover the perfect items to ensure that your brand is remembered and not just noticed!


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