Four ways to transform your email marketing campaigns

Four ways to transform your email marketing campaigns

 Submitted by; Force24 (, Post published; 21st May 2021

In a world that is so fast-paced, there has never been a more vital time to ensure your digital comms make recipients stop in their tracks and avoid scrolling past.

But when you’ve sent out your latest email campaign and it’s received a lukewarm response at best,
what can you do differently to make sure you don’t lose your audience completely next time
around? Here are four starting points to help…

1. It’s all about the killer idea

This might sound obvious, but it’s so important if you’re aiming to engage customers on a deeper
level. The good news is it doesn’t have to be a highly complex piece of creative design that takes
multiple man-hours and bursts your marketing budget in one go.

It’s worth spending the time to develop ideas that answer your recipient’s pain-points. Don’t just
reduce it to a one-off email campaign either, think about how you can integrate the whole process
with social posts, blog content, guides behind data capture forms, free webinars, and more.

Having something multi-dimensional, that you can sense-check with your sales team, can pave the
way for you to craft content that has legs and is incredibly adaptable. You must stay on-point with
your tone of voice and theme, but don’t deliver the same message over and over again across
various channels. And when it comes to email marketing, think about the six-step process:
introduction, social proof, gain, fear, logic and urgency.

2. Deliver campaigns with efficiency

Everything is optimised. Think about those old hour-long workout DVDs in your garage or loft that
are currently gathering dust. Today, people want things quicker – it’s all about seven-minute HIIT
sessions and six-minute abs.

That’s exactly how you should be thinking when it comes to crafting your email campaigns. How can
you do things more efficiently without compromising on quality?

Again, you don’t have to burst your marketing budget, instead simply focus on the strategic effort –
and allow marketing automation to take care of those manually-intensive and mundane tasks you
don’t have the time for.


3. Sophisticate your evaluation methods

Savvy marketers are moving on from solely relying on vanity metrics such as email opens and click
rates. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect these altogether. What you should be doing is
exploring how you can analyse exactly how your latest campaign has fared with intuitive evaluation

Lead scoring is a brilliant metric for modern-day marketing teams. It ensures you’re speaking to the
most engaged recipients and provides the sales team with a granular level of detail that helps them
convert a customer following a more personalised, ‘human’ touchpoint such as a phone call.

Data can be your best friend when it comes to knowing exactly what type of content an individual
wants to receive, and how often. Don’t neglect it.

4. Know the difference between spamming and cadence

It’s vital to understand each term because the two do often get confused. Simply put, spamming is
about sending unsolicited emails whereas cadence relates to the order and timing of emails that are
strategically sent.

As an example, if a recipient receives an email about something they’re interested in, it’s typically
going to be welcomed – even when they didn’t know they wanted this particular email – so it isn’t

But what marketers must always remember is that it’s about the messaging and timings of emails
that respond to where an individual is in the buying funnel. Get it wrong and you could lose a
customer to a competitor pretty quickly. Understand the different terms and you’ll soon be
delivering more lead nurturing campaigns that work as hard as possible and deliver on both brand
loyalty and ROI. And, if you’re still unsure, marketing automation can help so get in touch!


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