Video marketing in the New Normal

Video marketing in the New Normal

As we enter the new normal, some businesses are going to thrive, others will find it incredibly challenging and unfortunately some may be on the brink of collapse

John Paul Tointon of Cloud Moves TV suggests a video first marketing strategy…

It is not all doom and gloom; the global pandemic has forced change in how businesses operate and sell. Online meetings, working from home, increasing your online presence have all played their part in reducing costs and improving productivity and to some extent work improving experience.

Marketing professionals will either see their budgets reduced or remain the same depending their market sector or company circumstances. So, I would like to leave you with this.

Content choice

We are in a video first content marketing era, whether your focus is on “hero content” that wows and entertains buyers at the beginning of their path to purchase (right brain emotion) or “help content” that educates and informs buyers at the point they are evaluating their buying decision (left brain logic). Video outperforms any other content media and interactive video content increases engagement, click through rates, retention, and completion rates over linear video.

Paid and non-paid

If you decide to put video at the forefront of your content marketing strategy you have two options for delivery: paid and non-paid.

If your marketing budget is being squeezed, you may be tempted to focus on non-paid. Before you do please review the following. When ad spend is reduced, advertising prices are reduced too. Those that take advantage of this will gain greater online presence for their budget and improve ROI.

In summary in a video first market make video your content of choice, use interactive video content where possible.

Use “hero content” to engage potential customers and then “help content” to educate and convert customers when they are analysing their buying decision.

Consistent and relevant 

Take advantage of reduced advertising costs (if you don’t and your competitors do, they will gain valuable market share) and remember approximately 67% of a buyers journey is done digitally. Customers expect consistent relevant content served to them throughout their buying journey.

A single video is not a magic bullet, purchasing decisions are made by multiple buying personas, from influencers to executive decision makers, who will need to be engaged with video across multiple touchpoints before they begin finalising their buying decision.

Embrace the New Normal, captivate and convert customers by adopting a video first marketing strategy.

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