Adobe Creative Cloud for Marketing – new monthly subscription

Adobe Creative Cloud for Marketing – new monthly subscription

Since Adobe scrapped its huge one-off costs and switched to an affordable monthly subscription model (monthly prices start at just £9.99) it has made its suite of software applications readily available to all marketing professionals

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Using the Adobe applications make digital marketing easier and more efficient. There are applications for a wide variety of digital marketing tasks. Here is a quick rundown of the software you can use from the Adobe Creative Cloud that can really boost your marketing efforts.

Adobe Photoshop

The industry standard in photo manipulation, how often do you have a photograph that isn’t quite what you need!? There is always something (or someone) unwanted in the image you want to remove or several photographs that you want to put together. You may even want to increase the vibrance or adjust the focus of an image. All of these and more can easily be achieved with a couple of clicks in Adobe Photoshop. There are many automated tools and more in-depth features that can quickly and easily take any photograph up to a professional looking standard in no time.

Adobe InDesign

Used far and wide by virtually every graphic designer in the land Adobe InDesign is the go to programme for all your design layouts. Although it is a professional tool it is very widely used in marketing departments as its very quick and easy to learn, just one days training can see you up and running creating your own posters, leaflets and brochures for a variety of print and web applications. Its powerful PDF generating properties enable you to add interactive features to your documents and really make them shine when they drop into someone’s mailbox.

Adobe After Effects

Digital marketing is becoming more and more animated with graphics moving about and flying at you from all angles especially on social media. Adobe After Effects is not only used in high end cinematic productions but can also be used much simpler to create striking animated Facebook and Instagram adverts. Adding animation and sound to your digital marketing efforts can give you the edge in an increasingly competitive visual marketplace.

Adobe Premiere

YouTube has become a huge hub for video marketing. That is where need a program like Adobe Premiere. Adobe Premiere makes it easy for you to create and edit videos. This video editing tool is industry-standard, and you can do a lot of professional quality videos using it. These video marketing tools also have features built-in for directly uploading to YouTube and other video platforms. Ultimately, having an affordable video editing software that professionals use is a real advantage for digital marketers.

Social Media Marketing

As time goes on, social media marketing is becoming a bigger part of the digital landscape. Adobe Creative Cloud has multiple tools that can be used for your social marketing efforts. For example, you have tools that post your images and videos directly to social media. When combined, all of these tools make digital marketing quick and achievable for any marketeer.

Are you looking to learn about more about the Adobe Creative Cloud Applications?

At Creative Studios in Derby we have a number of Adobe training courses for all levels of ability and need. We regularly run Adobe training courses in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to name a few. We also run a specialist Adobe Marketing and Communications course for Marketeers looking to get proficient in all of the available relevant programmes.

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