Revealed: The most unreliable apps for remote working

Revealed: The most unreliable apps for remote working

Dining tables, messaging apps and video calls are the new way of working for millions of people in the UK

And despite the ease of lockdown restrictions, 52% of employees will continue to work remotely. But which apps have been letting us down the most?

The research team at Uswitch have delved into the data to reveal which apps are the most unreliable, based on the number of times we’ve complained to Google about them. Eg: Gmail not working, Skype not working.

Ranked: UK’s Most Complained about Remote-working Apps:

Gmail – 2,250 searches per month
Skype – 1,260
Zoom – 320
Google Drive – 320
Dropbox – 320
Adobe Creative Cloud – 270
Grammarly – 270
Google Hangouts – 230
Trello – 210
Slack – 200

Gmail topped the list as the UK’s most complained about app when it comes to working from home, with a complaint score of 2,250, followed by Skype with 1,260.

Slack found itself at the opposite end of the scale with the study revealing it to be the best app for remote-workers in Britain, scoring just 200 on the complaint score.


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