Start your road to recovery

Start your road to recovery

Doing nothing is not an option – It’s time to act now

This from marketing and communications specialists Lime.

Companies which react quickest to the current Coronavirus crisis are those which will get on the road to recovery first.

Everyone is currently and understandably concerned about their lives, their business and the wider economy. But simply waiting for things to get better will put you at a distinct disadvantage.

What we can all do is to think about how we adapt and change to the circumstances we all find ourselves in.

Four part plan

As a small business ourselves – and as experts in marketing – Lime has created a four-part plan which you can begin to execute right now:

1. Deal with the now and the issues in front of you, but do it quickly.

2. Think differently and creatively – doing things as you’ve always done is not an option. Work out highly focused, relevant and relatable propositions to your clients that you can start communicating now. We’ve all heard about the gin manufacturers making hand sanitiser and the companies switching to making ventilators.

3. Talk to your marketing person or your marketing agency. Look at where you are spending your money and ask: could it be better spent? This will enable you to start working out what the signs of stabilisation are within the sectors in which your clients operate, this will tell you when your marketing activity needs to go up a gear.

4. To get back to any semblance of normality, your marketing plan needs to be worked out NOW – any delay puts you behind the game.

Don’t delay

Remember – your customers will be affected by Covid-19 in a whole range of different ways. By adopting a plan, you can begin to turn things around.

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