Get Personal With Your Marketing With Branded Gifts

Get Personal With Your Marketing With Branded Gifts

A 2020 marketing trend which seems to be a key focus for many marketeers this year is to truly harness the power of personal marketing

Although the term has been batted around for a number of years, ramping up the tactics to support personalised marketing is being heavily reported on of late. It could be to personalise content marketing, online ads or getting more clever with chatbots.

Truly getting to know your customer and presenting them with your services or products at the right time and place is now essential to success.

With that in mind, have you thought about personalised branded gifts? If chosen and timed wisely, they are a fantastic marketing tactic to engage and build relationships with your clients.

For our Christmas gift last year we chose a branded personalised power bank. The receivers name lights up when plugged in! There was also the option of having the gifts individually gift wrapped too. We received amazing feedback from our clients – the personalisation element wowed and really made us stand out!



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