5 useful pointers when evaluating your brand trajectory for 2020 and beyond

5 useful pointers when evaluating your brand trajectory for 2020 and beyond

Getting your organisation (and everyone within it) aligned for the coming months and years ahead can take some doing

Here are a few useful pointers from Brand Clear that can act as a guiding light when evaluating your brand trajectory for 2020 and beyond…


What’s your Purpose, as an organisation, beyond the commercial aspects of what you do? A simple question to ask, but not easy to answer. It can take the form of a bold statement, full of aspiration and drive, or be descriptive and matter-of-fact, or be a humble calling. Whatever form it takes, it must ring true.


Closely linked to your Purpose is the motivation behind your existence, beyond commercial fulfilment – why you do what you do? It should reflect your organisational DNA, its ethos, outlook and view on the world.


Underpinning your Purpose and Belief is the shared cultural framework in which everyone operates, consisting of cultural values that connect to the every day. These values should reach beyond common hygiene-factor words often found within corporate language and reflect the ideal of daily interactions.


The Vision is simply the shared picture of success. To borrow a phrase from Jim Collins (Good to Great) What’s the ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ on the horizon? Is it achievable within 10 to 20 years? Is it actionable, and can you measure it? If not, it’s probably a hallucination.


The Mission is the master plan that’s going to get you to the Vision. And it doesn’t have to be limited to one all-encompassing statement. The Mission is there to help guide everyone in the same direction, towards the shared Vision.

Brand compass…

Get this agreed at the top and understood by everyone else in your organisation and you have a brand compass everyone can believe in and be guided by. Remember, this is a long burn and should go hand-in-hand with your short-term plans and objectives.

If you want more detail on how to get the best out of these five pointers and more, get in touch.


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