Three Benefits of Cloud address lookup

Three Benefits of Cloud address lookup

Did you know 69% of companies are already using cloud technology in one capacity or another?

According to Salesforce, Dell reported that companies who invest in things such as cloud solutions enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors.

When sending out marketing and customer purchases, it’s imperative that you deliver to the correct address. One way of ensuring this is through cloud-based address lookup, and here are three of its benefits:

1. Efficiency

Efficiency is key to being a successful business. Saving time and money enables organisations to inject their resources into other areas. 48% of UK employees waste three or more hours a day on inefficient systems. Over the course of a year this costs the average UK business £28,000.

Cloud address lookup eliminates the cost of data storage, maintenance, and set-up fees. Without the additional burden of servers and other equipment, employees won’t have to spend as much time maintaining the software, thus increasing efficiency.

2. Accuracy

Having inaccurate information can cause misdeliveries, which can result in loss of sales. This in turn will harm ROI as well as your brand image. Another major benefit to using cloud software is that it’s updated regularly, enabling companies to access highly accurate solutions.

Accuracy is very important when it comes to your address capture results. Did you know there are around 1.8 million postcodes in the UK? The Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) makes updates to 3,500 records each day, so it’s advisable you choose an address finder that uses an updated version of PAF. Hopewiser’s online address lookup solution receives daily PAF updates to ensure your address lookups are of the highest accuracy.

3. Scalability

It’s only natural that work projects fluctuate in size throughout the year. Due to the scalability of cloud computing, your business can scale up or scale down operations to meet the needs of the company. This is much more cost-effective than installing expensive software that you may not always need to use.

At Hopewiser we pride ourselves on the scalability of our products, and our online address lookup is no exception. As well as receiving 10 free clicks when you first sign up, you can go on to purchase clicks in a variety of bundles depending on the scale of your campaign.


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